The Great Courses

I recently released a filmed twenty-four lecture class with The Great Courses! The course, “Great Heroes and Discovery of Astronomy“, explores the great discoveries that have shaped astronomy the past century as well as the many different heroes who have expanded our picture of the cosmos. You can see the course trailer here and watch the course now via DVD or streaming!



University of Washington

In the UW Astronomy department I teach ASTR 101: Astronomy (our intro-to-astro online-format undergraduate course); ASTR 322: The Contents of Our Galaxy (a junior-level course for astronomy majors on focused on understanding and observing the stars in our own Milky Way); ASTR 421: Stellar Observations And Theory (a senior-level course on how we study and understand stellar astronomy); ASTR 482: Scientific Writing (a senior-level course for astronomy majors that helps develop skills for writing scientific papers, articles, proposals, and more); and ASTR 531: Stellar Interiors and Evolution, a graduate-level course on the physics dictating stars’ interiors and how they evolve. You can learn more about these courses and the rest of our offerings in the UW course catalog.


I co-authored the Understanding Stellar Evolution e-textbook with Henny J. G. L. M. Lamers. Winner of the AAS Chambliss Astronomical Writing award for advanced astronomy textbooks, this is a graduate-level text on stellar interiors, their evolution, and the effects of phenomena including stellar winds and mass loss, pulsations, rotation, and binary evolution. It can be accessed for free from AAS-IOP with an institutional subscription! Our book includes full original color illustrations, discussion questions and end-of-chapter exercises, and complete lecture slide decks (available in both Keynote and Powerpoint format) that can be used for teaching the content (instructors should email me or Henny to learn more about accessing these slides). Read more on my Books page.