My long-term research program is focused on pursuing new frontiers in stellar astrophysics by approaching massive stars as fundamental cosmological tools. By combining multi-wavelength observations and theoretical modeling of massive stars, star-forming galaxies, and transient phenomena such as SNe and GRBs, we can make new strides towards understanding these critical objects and effectively utilizing them to take full advantage of the frontiers that will be opened up by future facilities such as the ELTs, JWSTLSST, and WFIRST.

I lead the Massive Stars research group at UW. Some of our current research projects include observational studies of evolved massive stars (red supergiants, luminous blue variables, yellow supergiants, and Wolf-Rayet stars); searching for (more) Thorne-Zytkow objects; imaging massive star circumstellar environments and mass loss; modeling the evolution of massive stellar populations and their ionizing flux; resolved ISM studies of GRB and supernova host galaxies; binary massive star systems and populations; and the role of these stars as the progenitors of gravitational waves. We’re also working on a data sonification project called TransientZoo that allows participants, including people who are visually impaired, to classify lightcurves via sound.

(we also occasionally mess with study spiders)

Current group:

Brooke Dicenzo (undergrad)

Keyan Gootkin (undergrad)

Megan Kokoris (undergrad)

Annie Shoemaker (undergrad)









Previous group members:

*Postdoctoral researchers: Jamie Lomax (2016-2018; currently faculty at the US Naval Academy)
*Graduate students: Kolby Weisenburger (2015-2017; currently a data analyst at Ellevation Education), Erika Zetterlund (2014- 2015; currently a graduate student at CU Boulder)
*Undergraduate: Aislynn Wallach (2018-2019; currently a graduate student at Boston University); Locke Patton (2016-2018; currently a graduate student at Harvard University); Mallory Thorp (2016-2017; currently a graduate student at University of Victoria); Jeffrey Jennings (2015-2016; currently a graduate student at Cambridge); Nathen Nguyen (2016; currently a graduate student at Universidad de Chile); Michelle Villenueve (2014-2015; currently a graduate student at CU Boulder)