• How On Earth interview

    This morning I was pleased to be the guest on the fantastic KGNU science show “How On Earth“. We had a chance to chat about massive stars, gamma-ray bursts, Thorne-Zytkow objects (more news on those coming soon!…), observational astronomy, and more! Have a listen here (you can also listen to this and all the other excellent episodes on iTunes) Definitely a fun way to […]
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  • New diagnostics for star-forming galaxies

    A paper I wrote recently with ASU graduate student  Mark Richardson has recently been accepted for publication in ApJ. Using my Starburst99/Mappings III models from 2010 combined with Mark’s new models of high-z galaxies with large ionization parameters, we calibrated a new diagnostic for ionization parameter in these galaxies, [NeIII]/[OII]. Right now the most common diagnostic for this is [OIII]/[OII], […]
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  • The circumstellar environment of SN 2009ip

    A paper my collaborators and I wrote on the circumstellar environment of SN 2009ip is now in press with AJ! We got some gorgeous spectra of the unusual (and unfortunately-named) SN 2009ip with the Apache Point Observatory 3.5m during its remarkable outburst (and potential SN death) in late 2012. From these spectra and their unusually low Balmer decrement we’ve gained […]
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