• Annie Jump Cannon Doodle and AAS Talk

    Thumbs up to Google for marking Annie Jump Cannon’s 151st birthday with today’s Google Doodle! I was honored to be this year’s recipient of the AAS award given annually in her honor – head over to the AAS award website to see the full list of excellent female astronomers that have been recognized over the years. Along with the other 2014 AAS prize winners I’ll […]
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  • Discovery of a Thorne-Żytkow object candidate in the SMC!

    My collaborators and I have discovered a candidate Thorne-Żytkow object in the Small Magellanic Cloud!  TŻOs are a class of object with a neutron star for a core, surrounded by a large diffuse atmosphere that makes them outwardly resemble massive red supergiants – definitely candidates for “the weirdest stars in the universe”, as they’ve been called! According to the most recent models, […]
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  • How On Earth interview

    This morning I was pleased to be the guest on the fantastic KGNU science show “How On Earth“. We had a chance to chat about massive stars, gamma-ray bursts, Thorne-Zytkow objects (more news on those coming soon!…), observational astronomy, and more! Have a listen here (you can also listen to this and all the other excellent episodes on iTunes) Definitely a fun way to […]
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