• Data for our Hubble SNAP program!

    As of today our Cycle 21 SNAP proposal has started getting data! The proposal is a crucial observational component of my ongoing research program to unify multi-wavelength diagnostics and calibrate model galaxy spectra in multiple regimes. Our hope is that this one-cycle SNAP proposal will lay the ground-work for a large-scale treasury program with Hubble in the future, so it’s […]
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  • Review paper on LGRB host galaxies

    My second invited review paper, “The Host Galaxies of Long-Duration Gamma-Ray Bursts” is now in press with PASP! It’s a very different topic from my first invited review, “The Physical Properties of Red Supergiants” (published in New Astronomy Reviews), but they nicely span the two redshift extremes of my overall massive star research program. Check it out to read more about recent […]
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  • Model Grids

    Starburst99/Mappings Model Grid The grids of stellar population synthesis and photoionization models described in Levesque, Kewley, & Larson (2010) are available here for download. The grids were run using the Starburst99 stellar population synthesis code and the Mappings III photoionization code. This website will eventually include a detailed interface allowing users to download a tailored subset of the model grids […]
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