• New diagnostics for star-forming galaxies

    A paper I wrote recently with ASU graduate student ¬†Mark Richardson has recently been accepted for publication in ApJ. Using my Starburst99/Mappings III models from 2010 combined with Mark’s new models of high-z galaxies with large ionization parameters, we calibrated a new diagnostic for ionization parameter in these galaxies, [NeIII]/[OII]. Right now the most common diagnostic for this is [OIII]/[OII], […]
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  • The circumstellar environment of SN 2009ip

    A paper my collaborators and I wrote on the circumstellar environment of SN 2009ip is now in press with AJ! We got some gorgeous spectra of the unusual (and unfortunately-named) SN 2009ip with the Apache Point Observatory 3.5m during its remarkable outburst (and potential SN death) in late 2012. From these spectra and their unusually low Balmer decrement we’ve gained […]
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  • Stellar population ages in star-forming galaxies

    A new paper on using H-alpha, H-beta, and Br-gamma as age indicators in star forming galaxies is now in press with ApJ. We’ve examined how parameters such as rotation and treatments of the IMF and star formation history affect these lines’ equivalent widths and their evolution with time; the effects of these assumptions can be quite dramatic!. H-beta in particular […]
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