I’m delighted to share that Henny Lamers and I have received the 2023 Chambliss Astronomical Writing Award from the American Astronomical Society for our graduate textbook, Understanding Stellar Evolution! The prize is awarded to astronomy textbooks at the upper-division undergraduate or graduate level, and I’m particularly excited that Understanding Stellar Evolution has been recognized for two reasons. First, the text grew out of years of spectacular course notes built by Henny Lamers as part of teaching ASTR 531: Stellar Interiors and Evolution, at the University of Washington; I took over the course in 2015 and worked with Henny on illustrating and updating these notes for publication as a book, and it’s wonderful that the AAS is celebrating Henny’s years of work in crafting such an excellent course. Second, it’s great to see the AAS recognizing a free ebook! Understanding Stellar Evolution is published as part of the AAS-IOP ebook series and is available as a free PDF to anyone with an institutional subscription. Thanks to the ebook format we also developed a complete set of lecture slides, available in both Keynote and Powerpoint, to make this as effective a textbook as possible for instructors. Read more about Understanding Stellar Evolution on my Books page!