There’s another new paper from the UW Massive Stars research group, this time led by one of our fantastic undergrads, Keyan Gootkin! Keyan, a rising senior at UW, has been working for two years on an immensely complex dataset comprising thirteen years of spectropolarimetry observations of the famous luminous blue variable P Cygni. Thanks to wrangling this data, Keyan’s paper is able to study the amount and variability of polarization towards P Cygni, search for periodic signals in the data, and even applies a brand-new-to-astronomy statistical test checking on the shape of P Cygni’s mass loss! The paper also includes what has to be the best citation I’ve ever seen in a journal article, tracing back the first reference to P Cygni in a seventeenth-century globe!

The paper is in press with the Astrophysical Journal, and you can check it out now on arXiv!