We have a new paper – and our first Research Note – from the UW Massive Stars research group! This is the first paper for undergraduate researcher Megan Kokoris, and focuses on simulating what photometric observations of red supergiants will look like with the future Wide Field Infrared Space Telescope (WFIRST). Using model infrared spectra of red supergiants, the latest data on the planned filters for WFIRST, and the same methods used for simulating JWST photometry, Megan mathematically computed the colors of red supergiants with a variety of different temperatures and then calculated direct relations between color and temperature for the  WFIRST filters. We found that the F062−F184 filter combination will be ideal for measuring red supergiant temperatures…and WFIRST, with its infrared focus and wide field of view, will be a great telescope for studying huge numbers of red supergiants at a time! The paper has been published in the Research Notes of the AAS and can be found on arXiv.