I have two upcoming books on stars coming out later this year! Both will be published as part of the AAS-IOP Astronomy e-book collection.

The first, “Astrophysics of Red Supergiants“, is a research monograph that’s meant to serve as a comprehensive reference for researchers from a broad range of subfields who are interested in red supergiants as extreme stages of stellar evolution, dust producers, supernova progenitors, extragalactic metallicity indicators, members of massive binaries and mergers, or simply as compelling objects in their own right!

The second, “Understand Stellar Evolution“, is a graduate textbook that I’m co-authoring with Henny Lamers. It is based heavily on the spectacular lecture notes that Henny developed over years of teaching ASTR 531 (Stellar Interiors and Evolution) here at UW, and will include exercises, discussion questions, and supplementary teaching materials such as lecture slides.

Both books are expected to be published in 2017. You can learn more about them on my Books page.