Data for our Hubble SNAP program!

HST 13481 archiveAs of today our Cycle 21 SNAP proposal has started getting data! The proposal is a crucial observational component of my ongoing research program to unify multi-wavelength diagnostics and calibrate model galaxy spectra in multiple regimes. Our hope is that this one-cycle SNAP proposal will lay the ground-work for a large-scale treasury program with Hubble in the future, so it’s very exciting to start getting the data! As a SNAP program all of our data is immediately available to the public; check out the archives if you’re interested in working with our spectra.



(UPDATE: as of mid-November our program is on track to reach 33% completion by the end of the month! This is a fantastic completion fraction for a SNAP program already, and we’ve got many months left in Cycle 21 – hooray! In the meantime these will be great spectra to have in hand for our Cycle 22 plans…)